Profile of Yuri Enga Enterprises

Established and Registered in 1996 under the companies registration laws of Ghana, We are a leading Producer / Exporter of 100% Natural Health Care and cosmetics products which include premium unrefined Shea butter, Black [Herbal} Soap,[Spices/Seasoners-Black pepper (piper Guineese),Ethiopina Pepper{Xylopia Aethiopica} melegueta (Aframomum melegueta) Grains of paradise, the West African locust bean (parkia clappertoniana) and products from the Baobab tree ( Adansonia Digitata) and the famous Bolga Baskets.

Further more, we have grown year by year and now also offer services which include trade consultations sourcing/ procurement for the international trading community as well as tourism and promotion of Artist/Musicians, with our international trade in Natural Health and cosmetics products remaining our priority.

On the domestic scene, we are commercial representatives of Rural women’s groups/ communities who undertake shea butter processing and basket weaving assisting them to reach international markets with their products at fair rewards,{Eliminating Exploitative Middlemen} in line with our objective of providing significant employment in the North of Ghana in order to combat high rural poverty which combined with the fragile Agro-Ecological environment make their contribution, a crucial element in the survival of the rural, populations.

Our shea butter was tested / analysed by the American Shea Butter Institute in 2004 and was Graded / Certified Grade “A” premium.

We are members in good standing of the American Chamber Of Commence Ghana and are registered with Trade Facilitation Office Canada and Danish Import Promotion Organisation.(DIPO).


In collaboration with our Fair Trade partners-

- Eza Fairer Handle GmbH, Austria (
- CTM Altromercato, Italy (
- West African Imports, USA (
- Shea Terra Organics,USA (

and the West Africa Trade Hub, Accra, Ghana, a USAID project, we pay just and fair prices for products we purchase from member groups who are now co-owners of Yuri-Enga.


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